Town of Interlachen

Town of Interlachen

Limited English Proficiency Plan

This document serves as to show the Town of Interlachen's commitment to provide access to all individuals accessing services and assistance. Limited English Proficiency (LEP) individuals are to be informed of the availability of free interpretation and translation services when it appears that the individual is not able to communicate effectively in English. Such services will be provided during all normal business hours and when an emergency has been determined to exist during non-business hours.

At no time will any employee or contractor indicate — either verbally or in writing — that any LEP applicant or client accessing town services will be charged for interpretation or translation services.

Dissemination of the Limited English Proficiency Plan is to occur via many routes. Any individual will be able to access the plan via the Internet on the town website: All town employees will have access to it via the Internet and through paper copy dissemination. Paper copies will also be available in English and in Spanish for applicants and clients in the waiting area(s). LEP individuals can obtain copies and/ or translations upon request.


Limited English Proficiency Populations to Be Served Currently, only Spanish interpretation and translation is available. Select employees are available during normal working hours to offer such services. These employees will be utilized to facilitate transactions within the employee's department and for all town departments whenever possible.


Means of Providing Interpretive Services

Use of bilingual staff: the town will be contacted to provide a list of all staff persons employed by the town that are bilingual. Due to the constantly changing workforce composition, this list may change frequently. With this list, and depending upon immediate availability of bilingual staff members, interpretation can be provided via telephone, instant messaging, or in person.

If the client has been offered free interpretive services and chooses to utilize his/her own interpreter —i.e., friend, family member or community member — that will be allowed.

When confronted with a situation in which the client is illiterate - cannot read or write in his or her own language — the staff person, with assistance from an interpreter, will assist the LEP individual in the completion of necessary forms and documents.

When individuals require access to services within short time frames, the staff member — in consultation with a Supervisor will take whatever steps deemed necessary to ensure thatall clients, including LEP clients, have access to services within the appropriate time frame. The goal is to make its services accessible within the required time frame, whether that means using an interpreter or another appropriate type of language assistance.

Privacy Issues Most staff members use walled offices to conduct client and/or patient interviews in a private and confidential manner. Privacy will be considered, within reason andpracticality.

Complaints Complaints of a Limited English Proficiency nature will be forwarded to the Town Clerk/ Police Chief/Maintenance Supervisor, with the expectation that an inquiry will be conducted in a timely manner. If any of the issues involve Federal/State protected classes, and a possible violation of any Town of Interlachen non-discrimination policy, management will consult with the Human Resources (aka Deputy Town Clerk) for guidance.

The department supervisor will review the complaint, conduct interviews with all parties, and recommend a course of corrective action to the Deputy Town Clerk.

Pam Wilburn, Town Clerk
311 Atlantic Avenue
Interlachen, FL 32148
(Tel) 386-684-3811
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